The Long War Against God: Meet Dr. Henry Morris

The Long War Against God: Meet Dr. Henry Morris

A long war against God has been going on for most of human history. No one has better captured the macro-history of that war than the brilliant scientist and apologist, Dr. Henry Morris. In 1989, Morris released his classic book The Long War Against God: The History and Impact of the Creation/Evolution Conflict. It is a compelling narrative of our planet’s ongoing war against God’s authority in the affairs of mankind.

So, who is Dr. Henry Morris? He studied at the University of Minnesota where he earned a master’s degree in hydraulics and a PhD in hydraulic engineering. He eventually taught at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, then served as a professor of applied science at Southern Illinois University. Later, he shifted to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) to serve as Professor of Civil Engineering. Morris was also a committed Christian, who loved God’s Word and helped launch the modern Creationist movement. I’ve listened to at least a half dozen of his debates over the years against top notch academic evolutionists. Morris was both the epitome of a Christian scholar and a gentleman as he went head-to-head with leading atheists of his day.

The book that put Morris on the world stage was his bestselling work (co-written with Old Testament scholar, Dr. John Whitcomb in 1962), entitled The Genesis Flood. The impact of the book showed Dr. Morris to be a significant force in the growing Creationist movement. He eventually went on to author more than 60 books.

In his book The Long War Against God, Morris presents the theory of evolution as one of Satan’s most devastating attacks against the Church. Morris reveals the error of evolution, its aim to deny God, discredit His supernatural creation—as well as His sovereignty. In the pages of The Long War Against God, Morris exposes evolution’s atheistic trail of destruction in movements such as Communism, Nazism, racism, and moral relativism. He exposes evolutionary thinking as a belief system seeking to ultimately eliminate God. He argues that Darwin’s theories lead (logically) to the death camps of Auschwitz and the abortion practices so common in western culture today. Christian history is rife with casualties in the war on God as the Creator of this world.

As a professional scientist, Morris successfully answers the “Who?” and the “Why?” behind the ongoing creation vs. evolution conflict. His insightful perspective and compelling research offer a strong defense for the inerrancy of Scripture. Christian families, churches, and schools should use books like The Long War Against God to equip believers to fight the good fight in both current and future generations.