The Devil and Karl Marx

The Devil and Karl Marx

Paul Kengor is an author and professor of political science at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. He is executive director of The Institute for Faith and Freedom. In his newest book The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism’s Long March of Death, Deception, and Infiltration, Professor Kengor reveals a downright frightening portrait of Karl Marx, the founder of Communism. What Dr. Kengor shows is that, well before Karl Marx was writing about the hell of communism, he was writing about Hell itself. In fact, Kengor gives us abundant evidence that Marx was obsessed with both Satan and Hell—an odd thing for someone who claimed to be a dialectical materialist and atheist.

Kengor finds much of this evidence for Marx’s dark obsession in his poetry. Here is an example: “Thus Heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well,” he wrote in a poem in 1837, a decade before his Communist Manifesto. “My soul, once true to God, is chosen for Hell.” That certainly seemed to be the perverse destiny for Marx’s ideology, which consigned to death over 100 million people in the twentieth century alone.

As Kengor writes, “No other political ideology has produced as much wretched poverty, rank repression, and sheer violence…No other theory in all of history has led to the deaths of so many innocents. How could the Father of Lies not be involved?” Kengor’s careful look at the diabolical side of Karl Marx is both fascinating and deeply disturbing. It is a tragic portrait of a man whose ideology should have never been let out of its evil pit.

Kengor shows us a very dark side of Karl Marx in his personal life. This is true of those who knew Marx the best. They describe a man who was infatuated with Satan, death and Hell. In reflecting on this, Kengor writes, “And no figure I have ever studied or pursued in a biography was described in language like this.”

Kengor also shows us how modern biographers of Marx simply ignore this dark side of the founder of Communism. But there is another biographer who does not, and that is British historian Paul Johnson, who wrote the brilliant book Intellectuals. In this book, Johnson devotes a devasting chapter to the wretched personal life of Karl Marx, and how he destroyed those closest to him. Two of Marx’s own daughters committed suicide in a pact with their husbands. How much more evidence does one need? The fruit of Marx’s life continues to be demonic, depraved and extremely destructive. If you’re interested in the consequences of ideas, Kengor’s book is a must read for you!