The New Transgender Executive Order and Girls’ Sports

The New Transgender Executive Order and Girls’ Sports

President Biden’s new executive order tasking the federal government with redefining its policies regarding transgenderism is moral insanity and cultural suicide. The President called on all federal agencies to enforce a US Supreme Court decision from last year that expanded the definition of sex discrimination to include discrimination based on sexual orientation as well as gender identity – with language that explicitly referenced the arena of high school and college sports. This is flatly unbiblical and goes against God’s clear commands in the Bible. This new executive order has nothing to do with “science,” and everything to do with a radical, progressive moral agenda.

This new executive order is essentially a declaration of war on women’s sports at all levels, by allowing biological males to compete in female competitions. This is foolish, unfair and dangerous. Who in their right mind could think this is a good and noble decision? Who in their right mind could imagine that this is a wise course of action? Who in their right mind could imagine our ancestors doing anything but chastising us for our moral turpitude and blindness.

Abigail Shrier is the author of a newer book entitled Irreversible Damage:The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. Shrier, who supports the concept of transgenderism for consenting adults, takes an in-depth look into the trans epidemic. She wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal on January 22, entitled “Joe Biden’s First Day Began the End of Girls’ Sports.” She opened her article this way:

Amid Inauguration Day talk of shattered glass ceilings, on Wednesday President Biden delivered a body blow to the rights of women and girls: the Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation. On day one, Mr. Biden placed all girls’ sports and women’s safe spaces in the crosshairs of the administrative state.

The trans epidemic is clearly an issue that is affecting sincere people in life-altering ways. Christians must have compassion on all involved. But issuing executive orders, ex nihilo, declaring that boys who claim to be girls can suddenly compete in female sports, is both unwise and morally destructive. It goes against Scripture, against the created order, and against the cultural wisdom of the ages. Our ancestors would be shaking their heads in utter disbelief.