He Will Hold Me Fast

He Will Hold Me Fast

How secure are you in your relationship with the Lord? On what are you basing your sense of security? We Christians often struggle with steadfastness. We run hot and cold. Too often we base our sense of security in the Lord on our feelings, and we base our feelings on an internal scorecard. If we feel we’ve been good enough, we believe we have favor with the Lord and all is well. But if we string together enough failures or one major blow out sin, we suddenly feel less secure in His love. Some even doubt their salvation. What this song reminds us is our security is not based on our own dependability, but on our Savior’s unwavering faithfulness, both to us and to His Father. He will hold us fast!

How many times could the Lord rebuke us, as He did His disciples, “O ye of little faith”? How often have we prayed, like the father of the boy with the demon, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief”? Even Abraham, who was lauded for his faith, had his lapses—like the times he deceived people about his relationship with Sarah, or his ill-advised agreement to father a child with Hagar. Even when we feel our faith is in danger of fail-ing, we can be certain of this: He will hold us fast. Like Abraham, we may lapse, but through Christ’s grace and power, we can still become people of great faith. It is our Savior’s desire for us. But He will hold us fast until the day our faith is made sight.

He holds us fast because He is faithful to His promises. He has said He will neither leave nor forsake us. He has promised that no one can pluck us out of His hand. He tells us: So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” (Is.41:10). And there are SO many more promises like this in the Scriptures. We need to bathe ourselves in His word, and soak in His promises, because He never fails to keep them. It will give us such confidence in Him and increase our faith. We know we fail constant-ly, but He never fails. He’s always faithful. He will hold us fast.

Another thing that can rock our security is when we are tempted, or, even worse, when we fall during temptation. This is especially demoralizing when we have a besetting sin over which we have yet to have victory. We feel defeated and defiled; we often withdraw from God because we don’t feel worthy to be in His presence. But at such times we need to remember that He will still hold us fast. As the song reminds us, this is because of what He has done for us.

How many sins have we committed since He died on the cross? All of them. He knew about all of them before He chose to die for us, but left no caveats suggesting He died for some sins, but excluded others. If we have come to faith in Him we have been fully forgiven from every sin, past, present and future. Since He knew all about our faith-lessness and failures before we committed them, He won’t be surprised and disap-pointed in us when we stumble. It is we who are disillusioned about ourselves. He didn’t pay this unspeakable price of suffering and death in order to forgive us only to hold us at arm’s length or turn His back on us when we fall. He will always hold us fast!

Does that mean we sin all the more so His grace is shown more? Paul would say, Perish the thought! (Rom.6:1-2) This is to misunderstand grace entirely! The Lord accepts us where we are, but He doesn’t leave us there. His goal is to have a spotless Bride. When we fall we need to repent and return quickly. He says, “Return to me and I will return to you” (Mal.3:7). If we dally, sulk, or harden our hearts He will discipline us be-cause He loves us (Heb. 12). Even His chastisement is a sign that He is holding us fast, because He says He disciplines those He loves.

One of the stanzas in this song speaks of times when we are unable to hold on. There are times we feel so weak that we cannot keep our grasp. Even then He understands. Psalm 63:8 tells us, “My soul clings to you: your right hand upholds me.” We do cling to Him in our strength, but at those times when we feel too weak to hold on, He upholds us. He holds us fast. Think of a father or mother holding onto a little child. That child might cling with all his or her might, but whose grasp is stronger? At those times when the child loses his or her strength, the parent will still hold them fast, and hold them in their love.

We find it difficult to understand just how much He loves us. Paul tells us it is a love beyond our comprehension (Eph. 3), but he prays that the Ephesians will still be able to grasp it and experience it. It is His love that caused Him to come to earth, to suffer and die, to forgive us, and to draw us to Himself. And it is His love that keeps us. It is His love that holds us fast. What can separate us from the love of God? Nothing. Noth-ing! If we are in Christ, we are in His love, held fast for all eternity.

Put this song on repeat and let its truths wash over you until you sense Him holding you fast in His love, and worship this Savior who loves you so much that He will never let you go. He will hold you fast!