Books! Books! Books! 2021 Edition

Books! Books! Books! 2021 Edition

Here are some of the things I have enjoyed reading this past year (I have listed my top four with brief descriptions; the rest are listed alphabetically) followed by newer items in our church library for you to consider. I hope it will spur on more good reading!

Christian Life and Ministry

Therefore I Have Hope: 12 Truths That Comfort, Sustain, and Redeem in Tragedy, by Cameron Cole
Cole and his wife suffered great loss when their young son died unexpectantly. The book chronicles their heart-breaking journey yet is hope-filled as it shows how biblical truth is at the core of the Lord’s sufficient grace for us in times of need.
Character Matters: Shepherding in the Fruit of the Spirit, by Aaron Menikoff
This would be a close #1A to Cole’s book for its impact on me. I first heard the author on a podcast back in the spring with Pastor Mark Dever (9 Marks Ministry). While God gifts His people for ministry, His greater desire is to grow the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. The pastors and directors are currently reading this book.
The Cross of Christ , by John Stott
This is a spiritual classic! I first read this many years ago and I am so glad that I decided to read it again. The truths of what Christ accomplished on the cross for our salvation are wonderfully laid out.
Assured: Discover Grace, Let Go of Guilt, and Rest in Your Salvation, by Greg Gilbert
Above All: The Gospel is The Source of The Church’s Renewal, by J. D. Greear
O Love That Will Not Let Me Go: Facing Death With a Courageous Confidence in God, Nancy Guthrie (ed.)
Need to Know: Your Guide to The Christian Life, by Gary Millar
The Two Fears: Tremble Before God Alone, by Chris Poblete
Designed For Joy: How The Gospel Impacts Men and Women, Identity and Practice, by Jonathan Parnell and Owen Strachan (eds.)
Resolving Everyday Conflict, by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson
This Is Love:Tracing The Love of God Throughout The Biblical Story, by Neil Tolsma
Absolute Surrender: The Blessedness of Forsaking All and Following Christ, by A. W. Tozer
Grace Alone: Salvation As A Gift From God, by Carl Trueman
God’s Glory Alone: The Majestic Heart of The Christian Faith and Life, by David Vandrunen
Holy Sexuality and The Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story, by Christopher Yuan

History and Biography (favorite subjects of mine!)

Presidents of War, by Michael Beschloss
The Fleet at Floodtide: America at Total War in The Pacific, 1944-1945, by James Hornfischer
Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers, by Brian Kilmeade
The Lincoln Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill America’s 16th President—and Why It Failed, by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch
Hero Tales from American History, by Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge
The American Story: Conversations with Master Historians, by David Rubenstein
Countdown 1945: The Extraordinary Story of the Atomic Bomb and the 116 Days That Changed the World, by Chris Wallace

New in the Church Library:

• We added several commentaries on each of the books of James, Jeremiah, and Revelation (to go along with sermon series) and one or more on the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Joshua, Chronicles, Ecclesiastes, Luke, and Romans. Additionally, we purchased about a half dozen NT commentaries by R.C. Sproul.
• DVD: The Church in Babylon, by Erwin Lutzer (we also have the book)
Wings of Refuge, by Lynn Austin
The Gospel Comes with a House Key, by Rosario Butterfield
False Assumptions, by Henry Cloud, et. al.
Therefore I Have Hope, by Cameron Cole
From Paradise to The Promised Land, by Alexander Desmond
Assured and Favor, by Greg Gilbert
Restored Power, by Jonathan Graf
Handbook on the Pentateuch, by Victor Hamilton
Starfish Pier, by Irene Hannon
God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel: How Truth Overwhelms a Life Built on Lies, by Costi Hinn
Holman’s Illustrated Bible Handbook
The Bridge to Belle Island, by July Klassen
Love: The Ultimate Apologetic, by Art Lindsley
The Truth War, by John MacArthur
The Mystery of Marriage, by Mike Mason
Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life, by Eric Metaxes
Character Matters: Shepherding in the Fruit of the Spirit, by Aaron Menikoff
We Cannot Be Silent and The Gathering Storm, by Albert Mohler
God’s Very Good Idea, by Trillia Newball
The Battle for the Mind, by Leslie Parrot
God’s Grace in Your Suffering, by David Powlison
Resolving Everyday Conflict, by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson
The King in His Beauty: A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testament, by Thomas Schreiner
Rethinking Sexuality: God’s Design and Why it Matters, by Juli Slattery
Wait for Me, by Rebecca St. James
The Color of Compromise, by Jemar Tisby
Becoming Elisabeth Elliot, by Ellen Vaughn
An Old Testament Theology, by Bruce Waltke
The Forgotten Trinity, by James White
Holy Sexuality and the Gospel, by Christopher Yuan