Needy and Needed

Needy and Needed

“We are all needy; we are all needed.” This quote comes from an August blog post, I’ll Be Your Arms and You’ll Be My Legs, from Joni and Friends. It’s a good piece on our need to be dependent upon each other. It made me wonder how that applies here at EFCCL.

While it would be easy to try to define our church by saying that overall we have a good mix of those with needs and those able to meet needs, this does little to define the real needs that we all have in common. For instance, who can rightly claim that financial needs are more important in God’s eyes than the spiritual or emotional needs of those who have a regular income? No, that’s not a fair way to assess how our church is doing in this area. This is about mutuality, a symbiotic give and take relationship between us all (with our different circumstances, gifts and abilities) that is effective and ongoing.

This is about being on the receiving end of someone who has very little and being grateful for it. I daresay my church salary includes monies from the sacrifices of those who give not out of their plenty, but out of their love for God. This is humbling. Thank you to all of you who give so that I can work.

This is about showing grace when you’re helping someone who isn’t grateful, because they also need an example of grace. Their need is giving you an opportunity to serve and receive a reward in heaven. This is about those times when you have to accept physical help but you’re embarrassed, wallowing a bit in it, but you need to realize that the person helping you may need your encouraging words and the opportunity to serve you and be needed more than you know. This is about realizing that you’ve taken for granted the love or support of someone when that love or support cost them a great deal. Though it may be too late to make it up to them, you pay it forward with the same selflessness shown to you. This is about being served by a leader and in turn, finding a way to serve them. This is about praying for that volunteer who gave up their day-off so you could attend a ministry event.

These are just a few of the real, rubber-hits-the-road kind of needs we have, and needs we can meet for others. This kind of needing and being needed is really an exchange of love. This love tears to shreds the dangerous veil of selfishness and reveals to us the common needs we share. It brings us closer to each other. It fulfills us in ways we didn’t now we needed but God did as He designed us to be needy and needed.

I think if we all take an honest look at ourselves first, willing to admit our own needs and willing to accept the importance of being here for others, that with God’s help we’ll do just fine in this area. God, keep our eyes in Your Word and on the example of Your Son. Keep us united and loving You and each other well, in all areas. Amen.

by Jill Cristao, Director of Connections