Abortion and an Election Year: Why I’m A Single-Issue Disqualifier

Abortion and an Election Year: Why I’m A Single-Issue Disqualifier

Here’s a political parable: Imagine the perfect political candidate shows up on the national stage—winsome, articulate, courageous, visionary, and above all, a candidate who is able to bring conservatives and liberals together. This is a candidate unlike any in recent memory—FDR, Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan all rolled into one! Imagine further that you found yourself in 99% agreement with this candidate on all of the key issues such as immigration, taxes, climate change, racial discrimination, gun ownership, school choice, foreign policy, health care etc. 99% agreement—that’s unheard of! You feel political excitement surging through your veins! You can’t wait to step into the voting booth and pull your lever. But alas, you discover that there is one issue where you disagree with this candidate. That one issue is a promise the candidate made to create a new law if they are elected. In fact, implementing this new law will become their top legislative priority. This new law will mandate that every American who hits the age of 70 would be forced to submit to physician assisted suicide. No exceptions! No kidding. Goodbye, Grandma!

Question: Would you still vote for this candidate? My guess is probably not. Why? Because no matter how well this candidate lined up on the others issues of the day, their commitment to compulsory geriatric suicide would most likely “disqualify” them in your mind. In short, a single-issue disqualifier. In other words, not all issues are created equal. Some issues are so monumental that to endorse them would disqualify anyone, on that one issue alone, from elected leadership.

By now, you know where my short parable is going. I’m talking, of course, about the issue of abortion. Abortion is the taking of human life in the womb. The issue of abortion is not just another issue, it’s a foundational issue because it’s tied to the dignity and sanctity of human life. Abortion is not just one of many issues that Bible believing folks care about. Abortion is a fundamental issue because if you get this issue wrong—an issue as basic as human dignity and the sanctity of human life—it’s unlikely you will get other issues right. This dignity of human life shows up in the first chapters of Genesis and it’s a huge deal in God’s sight. We dare not get this one wrong!

Once a culture surrenders the sanctity of human life, they have subverted the entire system of truth. That is why, for me, any candidate at any level who believes it is morally acceptable to terminate the life of an unborn human baby is disqualified from my vote. Even if we agreed on everything else! Hence, a single-issue disqualifier.

This is that big a deal! The sanctity of life is too important. Human life is too precious, and the reason for this is rooted in Holy Scripture. In Psalm 139:13-14 we read, “For You formed my inward parts; You knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” That is a foundational reality that a culture ignores to its own demise.