2020 seems to be a year of waiting.

Waiting to see exactly what this new virus is.
Waiting to see how bad it will be this year and the next and going forward.
Waiting to see if I get it.
Waiting to see if my loved ones and those around me get it.
Waiting to see how God shows up.
Waiting to see how we’ll all be emotionally, financially, and spiritually.
Waiting to see if there will be shortages.
Waiting for when I can hug my kids and grandkids.
Waiting to see when I can see them more often.
Waiting to see if I’ll be pressured from others.
Waiting to see how the election rolls out.
Waiting to see how divisive it will get.
Waiting to see who will become the next president.
Waiting to see if there’s a good new series or movie on TV.
Waiting to see how God will resolve some concerns in my life.
Waiting to see how I’ll do when I have to take bigger risks.
Waiting to see if the summer sun kills the virus.
Waiting to see if there will be a huge rise in deaths moving forward.
Waiting to see if there isn’t a huge rise in deaths.
Waiting to see how it will impact our fall and winter.
Waiting to see how this impacts my work and our church.
Waiting to see how I’ll adjust when lifestyles get crazy busy again.
Waiting to see who will learn that a slower pace of living is actually a good thing.
Waiting to see what good lessons learned will stick going forward.
Waiting to see how many projects around the house we can get done now.

I could go on, as there are a lot of things on my mind these days, but I think you get the idea. You may be waiting to see some of these, too. How are you doing with the waiting? I wasn’t doing well the other day with waiting on a solution to a concern I had, which is what got me started on the whole “waiting” topic. I was impatient and needed some insight. I wanted a solution. The problem was, a temporary solution, let me rephrase that, a very tempting temporary solution, wasn’t necessarily the wisest choice. But it wasn’t sinful. But it wasn’t the wisest choice. But it was tempting to fill the gap while I waited for the solution, which has no end in sight.

And then I thought back to many (surely not all!) of the times I haven’t waited on the wisest choice and all the regret that has come with those times. The Lord has used them to teach me a lot about making wiser choices and I have long resolved that I don’t want to live with regret. But it was tempting. It is tempting. With so much waiting and uncertainty, I know I have to be more careful than ever to make the wisest choices even though I’m feeling impatient and want resolution at least somewhere.

Waiting causes me to be unsettled, and these times are, if nothing else, unsettling. I dug into the Psalms where David talks about waiting on the Lord, over and over. In the process, I read over “He restores my soul” in Psalm 23. I think that’s what is needed right now, a restoration of my soul, of our souls. I need to take time to wait on Him, and let Him restore my soul, get me focused on my faith and trust in Him, in who He is and what His promises are, to a state of true rest again. He might lead me to rest in a green pasture, or beside still water. In fact, as I’m writing this last sentence, a friend has texted me, and guess what she sent me? A photo of her view as she’s sitting by a still lake, in the middle of a green park, enjoying the moment. I think God is trying to tell me/us something. She went because she knows where to find Him, she looks to Him to restore her and give her that peace, steadiness, and focus we all need right now. I need to go and do the same. I was going to advise you to, too. But I think she just reminded us all.

by Jill Cristao, Director of Connections and Communications
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