A Brief Review of a Few Christian Apps for Kids’ Spiritual Growth

A Brief Review of a Few Christian Apps for Kids’ Spiritual Growth

EFCCL attenders have asked me, “What are some good apps for kids?” Our team did some research and our recommendations are listed below.

Remember, nothing is more powerful in your child’s spiritual life than you taking time to open an actual paper Bible with your child. Reading the Bible with your child is so valuable, even when you both may ask questions that seem to have no answers. While reading is great, we recognize that we all seek wholesome entertainment. As you peruse the following apps, ask yourself if the content is merely morally good or biblically accurate? Is the content reducing the Bible to a moral story? Or is the app giving your child a vision of who God is? Each app below serves different purposes and communicates God’s truth in different ways which are relevant to children. The contents they provide are good, but some are better than others. We have not thoroughly investigated each episode on each of these apps (that would take countless hours!), so be the responsible parent, and check out what your children are watching. We have done the initial screening for you and found that each app has a doctrinal statement that is compatible with ours.

We hope that you will find one or two apps that are appropriate for your family.

This app, produced by CBN, embeds dynamic video into Scripture to bring Bible stories to life, and is full of action and animation while quoting Scripture. Action-packed videos are reinforced with prizes, contests, and games. The games are fun and help children with memorization. It also has parental controls that allow you to block video downloads or stories that contain demons or crucifixion, so you can control when your kids can see that kind of material. The games were fun and cool for elementary readers.

Adults, do you have the YouVersion Bible app for yourself? If so, then you will enjoy this kids’ version! Produced by the makers of the YouVersion Bible app, this Bible app for kids features 41 Bible narratives and helps kids understand the big picture story of the Bible. Kids choose which story they want, and the app will read aloud a simplified version in a friendly tone. Interactive animations engage children, and some stories include games to help children understand and retain important concepts. It’s https://us-en.superbook.cbn.com/appa kid-friendly version of the Bible app everyone is familiar with. This Bible app is not a replacement for the full Bible, since it only features 41 stories. Its companion website, bibleappforkids.com, offers coloring pages and additional resources.

The New City Catechism mobile app makes it easy to take all 52 questions and answers with you wherever you go. The free app also includes suggested Scripture readings, short prayers, and devotional commentary, as well as kid-friendly songs designed to help children memorize each question and answer.
To make your app more child friendly, make sure to select “Children’s Mode” in the app settings.

This kids’ devotional app seems like a good option. It has daily devotionals to do with your child, either by reading it together or listening to it. Keys for Kids also offers audio-programs. The reviews for content on this app are good; parents enjoy using it for a preplanned devotional. The app uses NKJV.

This game allows players to choose a Guardian as your game character, and then go on adventures exploring Bible stories in the game. There are quests, quizzes, mini-games, and Bible videos. This game seems better suited for slightly older kids who can read on their own.

It’s Movie Night! Why not choose a movie that is positive, inspiring and uplifting? Pureflix is known as a wholesome version of Netflix producing Christian films such as God’s Not Dead, Do You Believe?, Woodlawn, The Case for Christ, and Unplanned. Pureflix offers a free trial period so you can check it out before you subscribe. Check out their movie library here.

This app allows you to stream VeggieTales and 100 other shows including The Jesus Storybook Bible and What’s in the Bible. A subscription is required. Minno is Children’s Church programming during the shelter at home order.

This app produced by Samaritan’s Purse, takes children on a space-themed journey. Players become captain of a rocket ship, and must complete initiatives to unlock additional levels. The ongoing simulation takes young students through parts of the Bible. Recommended for kids ages 6-9. Users can receive a Bible when they have finished all levels of the app.

by Heather Soukup, Children’s Disciple-making Director, and Bethany Keyes, Executive Ministry Assistant
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