Day 38: Save to the Uttermost

Day 38: Save to the Uttermost

“Therefore He is able to save completely (to the uttermost) those who come to God through Him…” (Hebrews 7:25).


Imagine jumping off a sinking ship into a shark-infested ocean, then being rescued by someone who pulled you into a row boat, only to find out it has a pronounced leak. You wouldn’t feel “saved to the uttermost,” or completely saved, would you? Believers in Allah can live their lives in obedience to the teachings of the Koran, yet have no assurance that when they die they will be admitted into Paradise. They have no concept of being “saved to the uttermost.” There are also many professing believers who struggle with feeling security in their salvation, living in fear of losing their salvation—not feeling completely saved.

But we have a Savior who is able to save us completely, who will save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through Him. What confidence that can give us, what peace we can have! Remember, we have learned that, as our sacrifice, He perfectly and sufficiently covered all of our sins—it is finished! And, now, as our High Priest, He continues to advocate for us before the throne. Just as He created everything in the universe and now sustains all of that creation, He continuously sustains us in Himself, as well.

All of the authors we have been quoting during this series emphasized the emphatic nature of the word uttermost. It means forever, perfection, completely. There is no wiggle room in this thought, no almost or maybe about it. MacArthur says, “Jesus’ priesthood is no halfway measure, as were the old sacrifices that only symbolized the removal of sin…But Jesus is able to save both eternally and completely.” This should cause great rejoicing and profound peace.

Satan likes to assail us at this point. He likes to cause us to doubt the constancy and sufficiency of our salvation. People have said to me, “I know that God says He will forgive sin, but you don’t know what I have done.” It doesn’t matter. The truth is the same. Jesus is able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him. It is a truth we need to preach to ourselves until we fully embrace it, then continue to preach it to ourselves until we totally adore Him for the wonder of His power and grace. Our confidence never lies in ourselves, it is totally founded on who He is, and the sufficiency of what He’s done.

• If you have struggled with assurance about your salvation, what have you done to address it? What can you say to others who struggle?
• When you read a verse like this one what thoughts and feelings does it evoke? What other verses come to mind on this subject?
• What does it mean to you that He fully enables you to draw near to God?

Lord, How firm a foundation! You are able! Able to save me, able to keep me. Through Your complete forgiveness and cleansing, I can draw near to You, fellowship with and worship You, and know I will be with You forever! What a mighty Savior You are. I can rest in You and have full confidence that it is not my own power or faithfulness that keeps me, but Yours.

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries
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