Why is the theory of evolution so dangerous? Because it directly attacks and undermines what God has said in Genesis. There are ultimately only two possibilities for how everything came into existence: evolution or creation. What we believe about origins and what we believe about Genesis has implications for all of life. It has implications with regard to the accuracy and truthfulness of Scripture, implications as to the gospel, and implications as to the end of human history, all wrapped up in how we understand origins in the book of Genesis.

What we believe about origins is absolutely critical to all human thinking. It becomes critical to how we conduct our lives as human beings. Without a biblical understanding of origins, without a biblical understanding of creation, there is no way to comprehend ourselves. There is no way to understand mankind as to our purpose or our destiny. If we cannot believe what Genesis says about the beginning, then we are lost as to our purpose in the universe.

This is why evolution is so dangerous. It’s a theory advocated by men, but manufactured by Satan. It’s a doctrine of demons. Whether this world and life as we know it evolved by chance, without a cause, or was created by God, has enormous implications for all of human life.

The bottom line is this: either we believe Genesis or we don’t. Either we believe the Genesis account that God created the Heavens and the Earth, or we believe they somehow evolved out of random chance. Take a look at the account of Genesis for just a brief moment; the words in that first verse are quite remarkable. They are a reminder of the incredible mind of God. God says in that first verse everything that could have been said about creation and He says it in such few terms. The statement is precise and concise almost beyond human composition.

In summary, evolution is dangerous because, as the great Princeton theologian Charles Hodge has said so well, “Evolution is atheism.”

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor
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