Bringing The Child to The Cross

Bringing The Child to The Cross

Each Tuesday your church staff starts the week with prayer. As we were sharing requests around the table, we began discussing how the world views sin. The world exposes sin, approves it, celebrates it, and mandates it. But all of the world’s legalization of sin does not remove God’s judgement upon it. For example, the sin of homosexuality: the world and our media make homosexual legal cases a headline, the commentary approves of it, the networks celebrate it by inserting it in “funny” TV shows, and eventually the community request laws legalizing homosexual marriage.

How do other sins follow this path of exposure, approval, celebration and legalization? Consider anger, anxiety/worry, overeating, etc.

Christians, on the other hand, are called to expose sin and bring it to light – the light of the cross (not the flash of the camera). We must call the behavior the name that God calls it, not giving it a “soft name.” For example, call it a LIE, not a fib or a story. Rather than approve sin, we are called to reprove the works of darkness, and put to death the misdeeds of the body. Rather than celebrate sin, we are to celebrate the Lord’s death – by which we not only have access to God but also to the righteousness which he gives. Rather than legalize sin, we are to live according to the law of the Spirit of life, which produces fruit in line with true repentance.

Think about how we can follow these steps of expose, reprove, celebrate, and live with our children in correcting their behavior.

Scriptures that informed this blog: Romans 1, Ephesian 5, Galatians 5, Romans 8.

1. Expose and Reprove: What are the sins, bad behaviors, and misdeeds that my children are committing? That I am committing? Take time to confess your own sins and lead your family through a time of confession.
2. Celebrate: Celebrate the Lord’s death together: Read the passage of the crucifixion again together and eat a meal together.
3. Live: Ask God to fill you with His spirit in order to live righteously by His power to bear fruits of love, joy, peace,faith, goodness, long-suffering, kindness, gentleness, self-control.

by Heather Soukup, Children’s Discipleship Director