Becky and I just had the privilege of giving our youngest daughter, Heidi Nicole, away in marriage to a wonderful man, Shawn Lopes. We will now get to be the grandparents of Portuguese grandkids! The wedding took place in Louisville in June. Here’s the back story…

Last June (2016), I moved Heidi down to Louisville for the next chapter of her life. She knew two people in the city, and we found out (as we pulled into town) that they were soon leaving. I still remember the look of deep discouragement on Heidi’s face when she found out. But we moved her in, scouted out the city, scouted out churches, bought some groceries, ate Steel City pops, walked, laughed, went to Churchill Downs, walked some more, reminisced, and then I prepared to do the awful task of leaving my little girl, alone, in a new city. Ugh.

Just before I left, we took a walk on the Big Four Bridge that crosses the Ohio River. The bridge was built in 1895 as a railroad bridge, but is now a popular walking bridge. It links Indiana to Kentucky. We had walked it several times during our four days together. On this final morning, as we walked to the Indiana side, we approached a wishing well. So I pulled out two pennies and handed one to Heidi. She made a wish and tossed first. I then made my wish and tossed next. When she asked me what I had wished for, I told her this: “That one year from today, I will be walking you down the aisle to get married.” Heidi looked skeptical and a bit incredulous.

Fast forward to last December when Shawn and I went on a walk, and he asked for Heidi’s hand in marriage. I shared the above story with him, and he ended up surprising and proposing to Heidi, at that very same wishing well a short time later. Classy!

Well, it was almost exactly one year to the day that I walked Heidi down the isle, so that Becky and I could give her away to Mr. Shawn Lopes. Unbelievable! What a story.

The most stunning moment at Heidi’s wedding, for me, was walking into the bridal suite and seeing her (all alone) radiant, like an angel dropped out of Heaven. She was beautiful! I hugged her and “leaked” a bit.

SO…my Heidi Nicole married Mr. Shawn Lopes, and Becky and I feel God’s blessing hovering over our tribe. We give thanks to him for a godly young man who is honorable, noble and clearly loves our daughter. My heart is full. It was one of those events when you just soak in God’s goodness—thank Him—and know that we are totally unworthy. To Him be the glory and honor forever and ever.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor