Day 27: Unbroken

Day 27: Unbroken

These things happened so that scripture would be fulfilled: “Not one of his bones will be broken.” John 19:36

When God gave the instructions to the Israelites regarding the preparation of the Passover Lamb, he was clear that no bones were to be broken. Why this command was given isn’t clear, but it may be merely so it would create another evidence that Jesus was indeed the Lamb of God—the Passover Lamb who would bring redemption.

The shank bone (zeroa) of the lamb, which we looked at briefly yesterday, represents the Passover lamb that was sacrificed, but it is also a reminder of this command not to break any bones, and the prophecy of the messianic Psalm 34:20, he protects all his bones, not one of them will be broken. According to Jews for Jesus, this aspect of the Seder also receives little explanation or emphasis in current observances. As we said previously, lamb is rarely even served at today’s Passover feasts. This lack of mention may be because of its messianic inferences.

Zeroa is used in Isaiah 53, which is a significant messianic passage, “And to whom has the zeroa of the Lord been revealed?” While this is often translated arm, the word is the same as shank bone, and what follows is the description of the suffering servant who will die for his people as a lamb led to slaughter. So the zeroa points directly to the suffering Messiah, not the triumphant political hero they were expecting. The zeroa is the Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world.

An interesting side note: while there are different opinions on the number of messianic prophecies that Jesus fulfilled (I’ve seen as many as 456 credited), the consensus is that the odds of a person fulfilling even one, let alone 10, or 100, or four times 100, is astronomical. God wanted us to know, in neon, that this Jesus was his Promised One!

• If there are truly hundreds of messianic prophecies, how many of them are you aware of?
• There are actually far more prophecies about Christ’s second coming than his first, even in the Old Testament. How aware are you of these?
• What do they mean to you?

Lord, every word, every promise you have spoken is true, and will come to pass. Yet, I am ashamed that I don’t even know them as well as I should—to cling to them, and to pray them down. Stir me up to search your Word!

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries