NEW Sermon Series, Genesis: Fact or Fiction?

NEW Sermon Series, Genesis: Fact or Fiction?

We are starting a brand new sermon series this month entitled, Genesis: Fact or Fiction.
We will spend the next several months in Genesis 1-11.

The first eleven chapters of Genesis have been classified by many as myth, and not real history. This is sadly true, even of many church leaders and pastors. Many claim that the opening chapters of Genesis contain “spiritual truth”, but they cannot be taken seriously as records of real people and events. An alarming number of Christian leaders and pastors believe that God “created” through evolutionary processes over millions of years, that Adam and Eve descended from a hominid population, and that there has never been a global flood, suggesting that the account of Noah and the Ark is a story adapted from a Babylonian myth.

The question is this: Can we take these opening chapters of Genesis literally? What are the implications if we can, or cannot? Since these chapters are not Hebrew poetry, should we interpret them as straight forward historical narrative? At a minimum, these chapters teach us a lot about the origin of life and the universe. For most of church history, Genesis 1-11 has been viewed as teaching historical fact. For example, Genesis 1-11 teaches some of the following:

• God created everything out of nothing.
• God created everything in six literal days.
• Adam and Eve were real, historical people.
• God cursed a perfect world as a judgment for sin.
• All evil and suffering on our planet can be traced back to Adam and Eve’s rebellion.
• Noah constructed an Ark by which two of every kind of air-breathing, land-dwelling animal was saved along with Noah’s family from a global flood.
• The confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel produced the language groups that are found around the world today.

Plan to join us for this informative series. If you are interested in using a commentary to augment your study, I’d recommend one of the following:


Kenneth Matthews; The New American Commentary: Genesis 1-11:26

Michael Wechsler; The Moody Bible Commentary: Genesis

Lay Level:
James Montgomery Boice; The Boice Commentary Series: Genesis, Volume 1

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor