Day 40: Restored! | 40 Days of Focus

Day 40: Restored! | 40 Days of Focus

We end this by looking just beyond the tomb because Peter’s story, thankfully, didn’t end the night he fled from the courtyard. While the narratives found him back in the company of the disciples, there are some interesting statements in the scripture that leave us wondering a bit about what happened behind the scenes. For instance, the angels at the tomb told the women to go tell the disciples and Peter, mentioning them separately. Also, Paul said that Jesus appeared to Peter and then to the rest of the disciples (1 Corinthians 15:5). Why is it that Jesus appeared to Peter alone? That’s something that even Mark, Peter’s spokesman, never revealed.

We are told about Jesus’ conversation with Peter on the beach (John 21:15-25), where Jesus restores Peter to ministry. Jesus asked Peter three times if Peter loved Him, the first two times using the strongest Greek terms for love, and Peter answered in the affirmative, only he used the less intense word for love. This is a poignant exchange because it reflected the three denials Peter uttered, but it also showed that Peter was no longer so certain of himself that he would claim he had the highest form of love for Jesus. He had a much better understanding of himself at this point.

But Jesus wasn’t there to rub it in, He was there to restore. He was there to give Peter his marching orders, to reveal to him what was next. That’s so God! The list of saints in Hebrews 11 touts their faith but doesn’t mention their failures. God sees us as who He is making us, not who we were. Each one of us is Peter—a sinner redeemed and restored!


  • How long do you wait after a failure to seek restoration? Do you stay back from God in order to do a bit of self-punishment?
  • How have you experienced Jesus’ restoration in your own life? Is there anything holding you back from receiving His restoration?


Lord, that You would restore us when we fall is stunning to us. That You poured out Your forgiveness on the cross and have given us Your abiding presence to change us into Your own image is a gift that should give us so much joy. Help us take firm hold of these truths and live them out to Your glory!

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries