Day 36: The Veil Was Torn | 40 Days of Focus

Day 36: The Veil Was Torn | 40 Days of Focus

The curtain tore at the hour of the sacrifice, when the Temple was busy with the slaughter of the lambs. It may have even been near the time when Caiaphas was bringing the blood of atonement to the Mercy Seat, the one time a year the High Priest entered. We can imagine that it sent the priests scurrying, not knowing what to do when the Holy of Holies was exposed. It reminds us of the dedication of Solomon’s temple, and how the Glory of God on display stopped the priests, so no one could do their duties (1 Kings 8:11). But this time the glory signaled, not the beginning of the work of the Temple, but the end. And it set its seal on the atonement of Jesus. The torn veil was God’s cry that it was finished, indeed. Jesus’ work was sufficient to open the way to God’s very presence for those who believe.

The veil torn was the flesh of Jesus (Hebrews 10:20). The blood that was sprinkled for atonement was His own. The view that was exposed by the rent curtain was the Mercy Seat, a meaning far deeper than priest or prophet had ever realized. Torn from top to bottom, this was no act of man—only God could have done it. Only God could have opened the way to His presence and drawn us there; we never could accomplish that on our own.


  • What keeps you out of the presence of God? Sin, doubt, ignorance, distraction?
  • What does Hebrews 10:19-23 say gives us confidence to enter? Take some time and apply these verses to your life.
  • What does the torn veil reveal to you? About God’s glory? His mercy? His love? His presence?


Lord, You didn’t just pull back the veil, or roll it away, or fold it up.* You tore it, You destroyed the wall of separation so we could enter Your Holy Presence, drawing us right to the Mercy Seat! Help us to come boldly—not brashly or arrogantly, but with humble confidence in the sufficient work of Jesus to make us qualified to draw near—for Your glory!

*C.H. Spurgeon, “The Rent Veil”

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries