Reflections on Being a Grandfather

Reflections on Being a Grandfather

Well, I’m a grandfather now. Wow. That sure came fast! It was just last week that I was dating a beautiful young lady named Becky Hubin. Then it just seems like a few days ago that we had kids. Then, yesterday I married off our oldest son (Ben) and six months later, our oldest daughter (Stacy Joy). Then suddenly, I’m a grandfather. I think Einstein missed a key law of the universe; namely, the older you get, the faster days move on the space-time continuum.

When I was growing up, I continually heard “older people” (virtually anyone over 40) say things like, “Time sure goes fast.” Clearly, teenagers don’t believe such pithy wisdom nuggets. All teenagers (and most twenty-somethings, for that matter) believe that they will live forever and are largely indestructible. But this illusion begins to melt away in your 30’s and beyond. It really begins to melt in your 50’s and beyond!

Nevertheless, I’m here today, and I’m a grandfather. Over the holidays, our son, Ben, and his bride, Ellie, were visiting from the U.K. They brought their new little son, Isaiah Jaymes. What a little chunker. And adorable! As one adoring female put it, “Your grandson is so smoochable.” That he is!

Our grandson’s name, “Isaiah,” is Hebrew and means “God saves.” What a beautiful reminder of God’s grace and loving kindness. As I held my new grandson, I couldn’t help but marvel at his perfect little body. What a miracle. Everything works just like God designed it. When I first held Isaiah, I waited for something to happen inside—that emotional spark. At first, he seemed like any other baby. But slowly as I held, talked to, played with and rocked the little guy, my heart suddenly became inextricably linked to his. I began to “feel” deep affection for this little human being created in God’s image. All of a sudden, I realized that I was a goner. I was hooked. I’m addicted to this little bundle of God’s grace. Now I “get it” (i.e. the grandparent thing). Soon, I will be an old preacher, prattling on and on about my grandkids to anyone who happens to wander by. Oh my . . . and I never dreamed that would be me!

Watching my son and daughter-in-law parent is also fun. They are such good parents. Isaiah is a blessed little munchkin. They will do him well.

So as they have now returned to England, I am without my little buddy. I miss him—a lot. But Lord willing, I will see him again. How thankful I am for Skype and FaceTime. What a gift these forms of technology are. May they simply be tools as Becky and I speak into Isaiah’s life from afar. The baton has truly been passed to another generation. May the Lord open Isaiah’s eyes to His salvation and use his life for the sake of the Kingdom. Selah.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor