June 3: The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power

The sacrificial system in the Old Testament was a bloody mess. With our modern, urban, sanitized sensibilities by which we never see any part of the unsightly process that brings the meat to our tables, we would probably be appalled and sickened by the sights, sounds, and smells associated with Old Testament worship.

Not only was there the slaughter of countless animals at the altar, the blood was also flicked, smudged, and spattered on people and objects as part of the ritual process. All the objects of the Tabernacle were sanctified by the sprinkling of blood. Priests were ordained by having blood placed on their forehead, thumb, and big toe. All of this was necessary because the blood of the sacrifice was not merely to be shed; it had to be applied.

The blood that Jesus shed for us on the cross is the same. When God loved the world so much that He gave His Son as the sacrificial Lamb for the sins of the world, the blood that was poured out quite literally could have saved every person who has ever lived on the earth, but it didn’t. Why? Because the blood had to be applied for it to have effect. That application comes through faith, and that faith is demonstration through obedience to what God has revealed in His word. (I am not saying that works save us but that they are indicators that we have been saved.)

When God sought to deliver Israel from Egypt, He gave them the Passover ritual. After each lamb was slain, the blood had to be applied to the door post in order that they be saved. If they merely killed the lamb — shedding its blood — but did not apply the blood, the Passover lamb was of no effect for them. It was faith in the word God had given them, demonstrated by obedience to that word, which applied the blood sacrificially for them.

At the Day of Atonement, that one and only day each year when the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies to sprinkle the blood of the sacrifice on the Mercy Seat to make atonement for the sins of the whole nation, by faith, demonstrated through obedience to the foreshadowing ritual, they applied the blood, believing that God would grant them His promised forgiveness and salvation.

As you read through the Old Testament you see many ways that the blood is applied to many areas of need. God ordained that salvation, forgiveness, consecration, and cleansing comes through the blood. To God, blood is sacred, for as scripture says many times, “life is in the blood.”

Similar to the Old Testament ritual, we must apply the blood of Jesus in our own lives for it to have an effect. This is true of applying it through faith for forgiveness of our sins and eternal salvation, but it is applicable in others aspects of our daily life as a believer as well. Of course we no longer apply it physically, but we do apply it spiritually, through the same faith and obedience our spiritual forefathers did.

Many of us struggle with the condemnation of the enemy of our souls. He is called the accuser of the brethren, and even the name Satan means adversary. He is always coming against us. He accuses us before the throne, and he accuses us to our very selves. Many times his accusations even have validity as he points out our failures, shortcomings, and sins. But we have an Advocate before the throne who says, “Not so fast! Look, this one has been sprinkled by the blood — My blood! My sacrifice applies fully.” So the accusations before the throne are silenced.

As for the accusations we hear between our own two ears, this is where we exercise our own faith in His word and apply the blood and truth to quash the assault. We choose to believe what God has said in His word about the full and free forgiveness He has given us through grace. We cling to the truth that His blood has cleansed us from every stain of sin — applying that blood with full confidence in the Lord.

It is too easy to think of the blood as only necessary for our original salvation and leave it in our past, but there are so many ways we must bring the truth of its consecrating, cleansing power with us as we go forward. In Revelation, we glimpse of our eternal destiny, and there is Jesus presented as the Slain Lamb. So He was not merely slain at the cross and done, He is slain for all eternity to come and He was called the Lamb Slain before the foundation of the world. This means the shed blood of Jesus has been foundational before the earth was formed and will be for all eternity to come. The blood that Jesus shed will never lose its power.

Its power saved you the day you believed. It keeps you no matter what your fears or tears, and will do so endlessly. By faith you can apply the blood at any moment of doubt. You can apply it when you stumble or fall — no matter how far you fall — it will never, never, never lose its power.

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries