One Thing I Ask

If you could have just one more prayer request answered before you went to heaven, what would that be? That’s the question I asked myself recently. What is the one thing I want more than anything else, summed up in one sentence of no more than 15-20 words? Lord, bring revival: in my life, in my family, in my church, and in my nation. I can think of no greater thing to ask.

Now, I’m not certain what “revival” conjures up in your mind; whether it is the old tent revival meetings, or the week-long-guest-preacher meetings we had as I was growing up, or a Billy Graham-style crusade. For me, revival summed up in passages like Revelation 2:1-7 where Jesus calls the church of Ephesus back to their “first love” of Him — to Christ-centered devotion. Or Psalm 80:18b-19 where Asaph pleads for God to revive them so they will call on His name, and to restore them. Or Psalm 85:6 where the Sons of Korah plead that God would revive them so they would rejoice in Him again. My longing is for us to be “stirred up” to seek after Him with all our hearts — to find our passion and joy in Him above all.

There are many examples in the Scripture of this longing for revival ̶ not just man’s longing, but God’s longing for us to return to Him. He says He holds out His hands “all day long” to a people who are obstinate in going their own way, yet He is so long-suffering to invite us to return. Jesus wept over Jerusalem, longing to gather them to Himself, and yet they would not be gathered. So I know that the Lord longs to answer this prayer; the question is: what stands in the way? Perhaps it is just a matter of perseverance.

As I close, I’d like to leave you with a couple of questions to ponder:

  1. If revival—in your own life, in your family, in our church—depends on you, will it come? Is your heart being made ready and are you praying for it to come?
  2. If there is just one more prayer request that you want God to answer before you go to heaven, what would it be?

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries