Are You Training Someone?

To follow up a bit from what Ron posted last week, I want to continue with some thoughts about disciplemaking. Recently, I’ve been reading a book titled The Trellis and the Vine. You should buy it and read it; get a copy HERE. The authors clarify in the book what training is according to the Bible. When the Bible speaks of training, it is referring to doctrine and modeling. So, training is about imparting truth to each other and it is highly relational. Listening to someone “train” you in how to do something is vastly different than what the Bible is talking about. Being trained to do something has its place, but it is best done in the context of relationships. So, I believe the obvious questions are, who is training you? and who are you training? How are you growing in right doctrine and how are you modeling what you are learning (“because all our knowing must serve loving Him”)? This is part of the disciplemaking process. Training can’t be done from a distance. It must be up close and centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are trained “so that in love [we] might minister to others by prayerfully bringing the word of God to them–whether to non-Christians in outreach, new Christians in follow-up, or all other Christians in daily growth.” -Collin Marshall & Tony Payne

So, “go and make disciples”, remembering the “go” means “As you are going”. Because of what Christ has done in you and because He commands it, train & make disciples in your relationships at home, work, school and in your leisure.

by Jon Rees, Pastor of High School Ministries