The pain of watching poor decision making by an adult child can be overwhelming at times. Most older parents have, at times, watched their adult children reap the consequences of poor decision making, and this often leaves them sitting on the sidelines with a sense of helplessness. Yet our job as parents is still the same—to love them, to pray for them, and to gently reflect truth to them. To simply reinforce our children’s sin, no matter what their age, is ultimately damaging to them. Real love requires a tender, loving warning when eternal issues are on the line.

Enter popular author Jen Hatmaker and her recent announcement about her own daughter. Last month Hatmaker revealed that her own daughter, Sydney, is openly gay. Jen and Sydney are now urging Christians to look at what it means to really love our LGBTQ+ family—recognizing them wholly as God’s children. Hatmaker is now celebrating her daughter’s lesbianism and expressing regret for not changing her own theology sooner.

Hatmaker said of her daughter’s moral announcement, “We are so proud of who you are…I would not change one molecule of you. Not one. I’m so glad you’re gay.” The two chastised Christians who use Bible passages to object to homosexuality.

A couple years ago, Jen Hatmaker said in an interview that she fully endorsed same-sex marriage and that she would gladly attend the same-sex marriage of a friend. Hatmaker said, “I would attend that wedding with gladness, and I would drink champagne.” She also said that LGBTQ relationships can be “holy.” This last affirmation is very disturbing. When something is defined as “holy” in the Bible it means that it carries the weight and authority of God—and that it is beautiful and pure. The problem with defining a same-sex marriage as “holy” is that the Bible defines any form of homosexual practice in the exact opposite terms.

While all parents can certainly identify with Hatmaker’s desire to love and support her daughter, what she avoided was a chance to speak truthfully and biblically. Hatmaker carefully avoided speaking about what Scripture teaches, and spoke instead with highly emotive statements. Sadly, she has abandoned Scripture and gone with the cultural narrative of the new moral revolution. Unfortunately, many young women will be damaged by her carelessness.

LifeWay book retailers dropped Hatmaker’s books in 2016 after she expressed support for same-sex marriage and indicated homosexual relationships can be “holy.”

Dr. Rosaria Butterfield is a former tenured professor of English at Syracuse University and author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (Crown and Covenant, 2012). She is also a former lesbian who has found Christ and now lovingly speaks out about same-sex issues. Below is a link to an article on The Gospel Coalition’s website that Butterfield wrote about Jen Hatmaker.
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