One of my favorite spiritual classics is a book written by the British author Arthur Pink entitled The Sovereignty of God. It had a huge impact on me when I first read it many years ago, and it’s on my “Top 10” Reading list posted on our blog.

Arthur Pink (1886-1952) was a British Bible teacher who pastored churches in England, America, and Australia. He eventually ended up living off the coast of Scotland prior to his death. Pink was so well read and had such a photographic memory, that he could give you the page and column in a host of reference works and commentaries.

When he first published his book The Sovereignty of God in 1919, it jolted many in the Christian world. Pink goes straight to the Bible to show how the God of Scripture is supreme in His dealings with the world and mankind. God is revealed to be all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving in passage after passage of Holy Scripture. It is an important book to guide the steps of those who are not yet persuaded of God’s loving sovereignty over all persons and events.

Pink also reminds us that God’s sovereignty should give Christians hope-filled encouragement. I can still remember giving Pink’s book to someone, and later having them run up to me saying, “I get it, I get it! God is sovereign over all things!”

The issues Pink raises in this book have previously been addressed by many prominent figures such as St. Augustine, St. Aquinas, Martin Luther and Jonathan Edwards. Though Pink studied these wise men and draws from their conclusions in his own writing, he ultimately places his perspective in light of God’s Word.

Pink strongly believed that true faith rests “not in the wisdom of men but in the power of God” (see 1 Corinthians 2:5). Pink wants his readers to gain a firm grasp on the biblical text rather than the secondary literature, and he aims to highlight Scripture in his book. Treat yourself to this spiritual classic sometime in the coming year.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor
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