Demo Day

Demo Day

If you’ve watched home improvement shows much you’re probably familiar with the term “Demo Day.” One host in particular gets rather excited about getting to tear out the old to make way for the new. A lot of times the houses they are remodeling are true fixer-uppers which need gutting and virtual rebuilding, but others are pretty good houses, just needing some TLC, or repurposing. Perhaps the family has outgrown the house as it is, or just worn out the features through long use. However, even with these more moderate projects there is some destruction necessary before constructing the new.

If you’ve ever tried to live in the midst of a remodel, you know the discomfort involved. It’s often dusty, things are topsy-turvy, nothing seems to be in the right place, and it can look rather stark and barren when emptied of form and function. There is little, if anything, that smacks of comfort while living in the midst of a renovation.

It can be like that when God is remaking us too. Maybe we’ve been there—He tears at the fabric of what is familiar. He upends the routine and what we took as functional. It is uncomfortable, unsettling, and it’s not a state in which we want to dwell for long. Sometimes He’s doing a major demo, and others He’s just stripping away what no longer fits who He is growing us to be. Walls need to come down. Some dysfunctional stuff going on underneath needs to be exposed and upgraded. What was crumbling or weak needs to be shorn up or replaced.

While “Demo Day” (or month, or season, or year) maybe isn’t a fun to live through as Chip Gaines makes it seem, we do know that our Lord’s Master workmanship has an amazing design He’s working out, and the end result will be so glorious that there’s not even the slightest comparison on earth. If the Lord has us in the middle of Demo Day in our lives, let’s cooperate with His process. We should not despair the mess that comes with it. We should not be discouraged when we find things worse underneath the surface than we realized, knowing that it’s better to find out now rather than down the road when consequences could be worse. We should try not to become impatient with the process or attempt to cut corners on His workmanship. We need to try to hang in there and trust that the day of the big reveal will make however messy “Demo Day” was, and whatever we endured in the renovation much more than worth it in the end.

So, whenever we find God’s work in us has us feeling a little rough and ragged, if we will just say, “Demo Day!, Lord, do Your work in me,” my guess is a little smile will make its way across our grimace, and we will remember to take hope that the Big Reveal will show us how amazing His work in us has been.

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries
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