Who Are You Investing In?

Who Are You Investing In?

Jesus commands His followers to make disciples. What does this mean? He was clear that making disciples is much more than just making converts. A disciple is someone who has come to faith in Christ, has been baptized and is being instructed in the basics of the Christian life. If you are a Christian, the question is this: Are you obeying Jesus by making disciples? OR, are you a merely a once a week church attender?

On page 9 of his book, The Master Plan of Evangelism, Dr. Robert Coleman writes, “Discipling men and women is the priority around which our lives should be oriented.”

This can only occur if those of us who are Christians become active disciple-makers. The Bible summons every disciple of Jesus to be investing in someone else. Every disciple is a disciple-maker! This fits with the vision God has given us: Follow, Connect, MAKE (make disciples). That means we must come along side newer Christians, and less mature believers, to help them get established in their walk with Christ. Newer Christians desperately need hands on training in these kinds of things!

Friends, the bottom line is that God had entrusted us with a great responsibility to bring many people into our church family. In the years ahead, our church will either flourish or flounder based on how faithful we are in getting down to the business of making disciples. Will you join me in getting involved in other’s lives? Look around, begin to pray, and ask God to show you whom you could invest time in.

Discipling others is NOT something that is reserved for spiritual giants! You only need to be a few steps ahead of someone spiritually to help mentor them. The Kingdom will be bettered, and I guarantee that the rewards to you personally will be tremendous. No more excuses—time to be a disciple-maker!

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor
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