Spiritual Depression 101

Spiritual Depression 101

If I could recommend just one book to those who struggle with depression, it would be Dr. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ book, Spiritual Depression. This enduring collection of twenty-one sermons by Lloyd-Jones—each originally delivered at Westminster Chapel in London in the 1960’s—compassionately analyzes an undeniable feature of modern society from which Christians have not escaped: spiritual depression. BTW, Jones’ book has 196 reviews on Amazon, with a 4 ½ star rating.

Jones was a physician and surgeon by training, before the Lord called him into the preaching ministry where he spent decades preaching at Westminster Chapel near Buckingham in London; Becky and I have had the privilege of visiting there.

Welch pastor Geoffrey Thomas writes an introduction to the hard copy of Jones’ book. As much as a biographical introduction to Lloyd-Jones, Thomas’ summary gives us insight into Lloyd-Jones’ dependence upon the word of God as the means of change and growth. Below are four headers used by Thomas to introduce us to Lloyd-Jones:

1. He was such a well-rounded, intelligent, and tender personality.
Although a mighty intellect with a formidable presence he was accessible and not at all intimidating.

2. He was also utterly committed to the authority of the Scriptures.
Theologically he stood in the tradition of the 1823 Confession of the Calvinistic Methodist Church of Wales.

3. He was a man who maintained a private devotional time with God.
Jones read through his Bible each and every year. He studied the Bible and Church history and he loved to preach the great doctrines of the Bible. Lloyd-Jones was a man who was saturated in God’s Word.

4. He was a man to whom people went for spiritual help.
Thomas includes this instruction on counseling from Lloyd-Jones to a gathering of medical doctors, “What is needed is great patience and sympathy, and the power to put oneself in those people’s situation.”

If you’ve never read this classic, do yourself a favor and obtain a copy soon. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor
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