Billy Graham was one of the most famous men in American history, and yet many millennials have never heard of him. I’ve been caught a bit off guard in recent years that many millennials are unaware of this incredible man. How could this be? But it’s true. So, I offer a brief introduction to Billy Graham.

Billy was the evangelist who spoke to more people about the gospel of Jesus than anyone else—ever! He was quite literally a supernatural phenomenon raised up by God to impact the planet for Christ. He spoke, in person, to millions of people over the years. His largest one-time audience was literally over one million in Seoul, South Korea in 1973. In July 1963, he spoke to over 110,000 people packed into Soldier Field, in Chicago. These kinds of audience sizes were common throughout Graham’s ministry.

Graham was a sensation on so many levels: counselor to presidents, preacher of the gospel, best-selling author, Christian statesman, and world-renowned evangelist. There has never been anyone like him on the world stage, and there may never be again. He had a unique anointing of God. Billy died in 2018 at the age of 99.

Recently, Becky and I were able to visit both the Billy Graham museum in Wheaton, and the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina. These are extremely well-done tributes to both Billy Graham and to the history of evangelism in North America. In addition, we also read a biography on Billy Graham (by Lon Allison), and watched a moving tribute to his life on Netflix.

So…to my millennial friends, get to know this unusual man who loved the Lord Jesus with all of his heart: a man who appeared on dozens of TV shows from Larry King Live, to The Woody Allen Special (1969), to Talking with David Frost; the man who was on the front of TIME magazine at least four times; a man who shared the gospel with millions; the man whom presidents confided in; the man who spoke after 9/11 at the National Cathedral in Washington DC, and so much more.

I would encourage you to begin by watching a few of his sermons on YouTube. No one preached with more power and anointing than Billy Graham. He was a very normal man whom God happened to raise up to spread His glory and His gospel. Billy especially connected with young people and loved to share the gospel with the younger generation. In fact, his large stadium events were often filled with young people. What a tragedy it is that so many young people today have never heard of him.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor
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