Are We Devoted?

Are We Devoted?

Jeremiah 30:21b: “I will bring Him near and He will be close to Me, for who is He who will devote Himself to be close to Me?” declares the Lord. The passage is referring to the Messiah, to Jesus, and truly no one modeled or achieved seeking union with the Father than Jesus. But, as we are to follow Christ’s example, it applies to us, as well.

We need to truly devote ourselves if we want to be close to Him. It isn’t something that happens by accident, it is something which occurs only through commitment, through consecration. Being devoted is not merely adding another thing, another emphasis, or as Steven Covey would say, adding another big rock in our lives. Covey likens our lives to a jar, and demonstrates that if we put in a bunch of little rocks first, we don’t have room for the big rocks, the priorities. So we need to put the big rocks on our schedules first, then we can see how many of the little rocks fit around the periphery.

Being devoted to God should be the biggest Rock, the jar-choking Rock, and everything else in our lives should be pebbles in comparison. Being devoted means that other things, other priorities, even other good things may need to go so they don’t filter off the energy and time necessary for devotion to God to dominate our lives. This means we need to sit down and prayerfully consider what being devoted to God should look like in our lives (from His perspective), then look at the job, family, church, etc., and how they fit in around that devotion. It may be a call for some radical change, but it will certainly be a wakeup call to how many of the activities of our lives are just draining away our energy and attention, and producing little joy or devotion.

God is longing for those who, like Jesus, will devote themselves to being close to Him. Will we be those people? Will you?

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries
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