THE GENDER REBELLION: Trans, Cis, Bi, Gay, Fluid and Everything in Between

THE GENDER REBELLION: Trans, Cis, Bi, Gay, Fluid and Everything in Between

It is no secret that there is a massive revolution taking place in Western culture. It’s known as the Identity Revolution. Namely, a revolution that is seeking to redefine the self in ways never imagined in human history. And like all revolutions, the language within the revolution is also changing. Make no mistake, we are in the middle of a language war in Western culture. Whomever controls the narrative, will control the culture.

The self is now largely an experiment in Western culture. It is an individual project. We’re told that our identity is a personal and private choice made only by us. We’re told that the self is fluid, and cannot be defined by anyone outside of our own sphere—certainly not by God!

It took a long time for this radical notion of the self to develop in history. Numerous cultural and historical factors have given birth to this new concept of identity. You have the rise of Darwin’s theory of evolution, the emergence of existentialism, and the the rise of modern psychology and psychiatry. You can’t have the modern notion of the individual and of the self without the looming influence of figures such as Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, or Jean Paul Sartre. You also have the arrival of the sexual revolution which has redefined virtually everything.

All of this has led to a new definition of the word safe. The word safe used to refer primarily to physical safety. But the landscape has changed. If you look at modern uses of the word safe—especially in education at every level, especially in public schools—what you discover is that safe now means something very different. Safe now has a meaning related to emotional safety or psychological safety. The kind of emotional wellbeing that is now considered a fundamental human right.

SO…what do we make of all this? In a word, the identity revolution is rebellion against what God has said in His Word. The Bible teaches—a very unpopular thing to say for sure—that identity is not something that we manufacture on our own. Identity is something that God defines. We are who our Creator says we are, and here the Bible is very clear. It tells us that every human being is born with a two-fold identity:
1) They are precious, being created in the image of God—either as male or female.
2) They are born into corruption and sin due to Adam’s rebellion.

These are undisputed facts according to God Himself. What the gospel offers is a chance to have a new identity in Christ. This is available to anyone who will own up to their sin (repentance) and humble themselves before God’s Son, Jesus. The gospel says that the only way to find peace with God is to admit and confess that He was right after all when it comes to who you are.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor
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