Who Does God Love More: Himself or Us?

Who Does God Love More: Himself or Us?

Interesting question isn’t it? Again and again, God tells us that His foremost concern is for His own glory in the universe. As such, many people have accused God of being self-centered and a narcissist. Since the story of the Bible is God’s promise to become famous among all peoples, some believe that He is a tad bit self-absorbed. After all, it would be wrong for a human being to say, “My ultimate goal is to become famous, and be worshipped by everyone else.” But, this is exactly what God says in the Bible. What’s up!?

The simple answer is God is God, and He can do whatever He wants. His glory is foremost in His affections. In this sense, He is not humble. Now, before you get too cynical, let me add two caveats that makes God’s pursuit of fame and worship much different than say Justin Bieber’s pursuit of fame, or even yours or mine:

1) According to the Bible, God is good. This means that He is perfectly holy and righteous. His desire to become famous among all peoples is not centered in a selfish gene.
2) God is ultimate in the universe, therefore it is right for us to worship Him. God must be God-centered, and we must be too. God must worship Himself first and foremost. God must be at the center of His own affections above all else. God must be exalted above all else, or He would not be God. In fact, we flourish best when we are centered in the Triune Godhead. The love that emanates from the Holy Trinity envelopes every child of God.

So, who does God love the most? Himself of course. This is admittedly a little hard to swallow for most Americans, but it is biblical nonetheless. Is God a narcissist? Yes, in the best sense of the term. He is God-centered for the sake of His glory and the salvation of His elect among the nations.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor
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