Herod Had It Right

Herod Had It Right

There is something very relatable, very nonthreatening about Baby Jesus. He is so innocent and vulnerable lying there in that humble manger. It’s fairly easy for people in general to take in that sweet and tranquil scene and receive it as a quaint story, if nothing else. Not many understand the implications.

Except Herod. Herod saw it for what it was—a threat. A threat to his power, his authority, his reign his dynasty. Bear in mind that Herod was an old man, so someone who was just a baby would not rise up to challenge him until long past his death. Regardless, Herod would allow no potential rival to his control to keep breathing, no matter how remote the possibility. Even some of his own children and wife found that out the hard way. The fact is Herod saw things better than most people. That innocent Baby in the manger is sovereign Lord. We may be eager to receive Him as Savior and Deliverer, but our struggle with Jesus comes in His rightful role as Lord. Every single one of us confronts this battle because the crux of our fallen state is the heart of rebellion in each of us. We all want to reign in our lives, and yet we must submit to Him in order to be saved.

Some people recognize what Herod realized, and actually fight intently against His Lordship. Others are more passive Herods, either ignoring His claim of Lordship and doing their own thing, or they put on a religious face, embrace His role as Savior, but try to continue to run their lives their own way, submitting only where it is comfortable. A few are like the Wisemen, who actively pursued Him and worshipped Him as Lord, humbly bowing knee and heart.

The question each of us must ask ourselves is if our lives show us to be more like Herod—pursuing our own power, our authority, and our reign over our lives, or if we are on a continual quest to release any ground we are holding and submit to His Lordship over all aspects of our lives. We need to continually ask the Lord to reveal the state of our hearts in this regard, so there is no vestige of Herod-like rebellion lurking in us.

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries