It's Time to Give Thanks

It’s Time to Give Thanks

Consider this your annual reminder to give thanks to God, because other than some paper plates marked “Thanksgiving”, I haven’t seen much to remind us this year that we have plenty to be thankful for. So, here you are!

I start with Miriam Webster’s definition of Thanksgiving, which is surprisingly hopeful:


So, what of God’s divine goodness will you be acknowledging or celebrating this year? Make a list, check it twice, and read it thrice, once when you write it, once when you share it with friends or loved ones on Thanksgiving Day, and once in your prayers to God on Thanksgiving Day. I’ve got quite a list this year, mainly because my husband, Frank, and I sold our home, downsized into a new house, survived a flooded basement – a surprise welcome from our new house that we hadn’t anticipated – and now get to settle in for the holidays and make new memories. We learned we have more strength and energy than we realized considering our aging bodies. God added another grandbaby to our family this year (11!), and another one is due in February. Relationships within the family had a few bumps but are working out just fine. Our jobs are going well and we have no major illnesses. All these are good, good gifts from our Father. In fact, it’s a bit better than some other years if truth be told – and I’m grateful for that, too! I’m also grateful for who He is, in particular, His Sovereignty. All the messy details are in His hands, despite the anxiousness, concerns, fears, minor disasters and upsets. They don’t worry Him. He is constant, wise, and steady. He arranges all the details at all the right times. He takes what Satan has intended for evil and turns it for my good, day in and day out. He continues to show up as my Heavenly Father in ways I cannot anticipate and can only revel in.

Just making that list makes me feel more grateful! I encourage you to make a list, too. Don’t forget where the good gifts in your life, and they are surely there, come from! Take time to acknowledge and celebrate them as Thanksgiving approaches. What a good God we serve!

by Jill Cristao, Director of Connections and Communications