Eyes to the Skies

Eyes to the Skies

One of the things I love about the Florida coast is the wonderful skyscapes. Because of the ocean and the summer pattern of showers forming in the interior, the cloudscapes are fantastic. I can be entertained and awed for hours just watching them form and march majestically across the sky. Often I will spot one and think that it would be a magnificent backdrop for Christ’s return.

Recently the night skies have had a special appeal, as well, because it is the time of the annual Perseid meteor shower. I normally do my morning walk in the pre-dawn hours, so during the prime days for this celestial display, I walked looking up as much as possible. This can be a little tricky for several reasons. First, with the exception of the occasional street or porch light the streets are fairly dark, so footing isn’t always certain. Second, there are a lot of toads and frogs that like to populate the sidewalks at that hour. They don’t seem to make any effort to hop out of the way when I come by, so to avoid the carnage, I have to watch out for them.

So it was with a mix of caution and anticipation that I looked up as much as I could as I walked, hoping to catch glimpses of the shooting stars. And as I did so, I thought about how this relates to us spiritually. We walk in a world that is surrounded by the presence and work of God, and live in the promise that He will return one day. Yet we have to walk without stumbling or stepping on frogs—in other words, we also have to attend to things in the world we inhabit. Indeed, Paul chided some of the Thessalonians who had giving up living productively to sit and wait for the Second Coming. We are still waiting, and still need to be productive in the world—to His glory.

Still, most of us need to look up more than we do. Failing to do so causes us to miss out on the glories of God displayed around us (I was certain that every time I had to look down for a frog I was missing out on something spectacular over my head). We have to assess, think about, be intentional in finding a balance between attending to what we need to here without neglecting to look up, with a true anticipation of what God might show us. Jesus told us repeatedly to watch, and that there were rewards for those who were faithful to be found watching when He returned.

We need to evaluate ourselves:

• How watchful am I?
• What can I do to develop more anticipation and expectation for God’s work and His return?
• Am I making this a matter of prayer, asking God to fan this faithful watching in me?

Let’s all endeavor to be more watchful and aware, with our eyes more skyward!

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries