Does Prayer Excite You?

Does Prayer Excite You?

This has been a busy week for prayer. A call to prayer went out on Facebook for a friend whose child was badly injured. Another friend texted me because her adult son needed guidance, while I got a text that another friend’s son was having legal issues. And yet another friend called me asking for prayers for wisdom and protection. Those, along with several other on-going requests and quite a number of friends and family who were in the path of hurricane Florence, and it seemed like I was approaching the “pray without ceasing” level.

But, as I was out for a walk and praying for these critical needs, I got such a sense of thrill. It just suddenly struck me what an exciting thing it is to have the power of prayer at my disposal, and to be entrusted by God and others to lift these needs to His throne. It can be difficult when one has recently moved away from one’s friends to feel connected or relevant to their everyday lives, but despite the fact that I was far away from the people involved in each one of these requests, God was right there with them, His power at work in their lives, and He had included me in His process of working in them.

It is such an amazing privilege that He invites us to be part of His work in this world, through our prayers! We can touch the lives of people around the world: missionaries, persecuted believers, unsaved people groups, loved ones in the service, people we’ve never met…all are affected by our God-ordained prayers. Perhaps we can’t bring a meal to a family going through hard times several states away, but who knows what affect our prayers can have on their provision. The prayers of faith can heal the sick, whether we can touch them or not. The prayers of faith need not be accompanied with our physical proximity to bring light to those who are spiritually blind. Who knows what light the Spirit might cast into their dark mind, or what words might be given to someone the lost one might encounter because of our prayers from far away.
It amazes me that Sovereign God, who could accomplish anything on His own, would invite us into His process and somehow choose to self-limit His responses to correspond to our prayers and our exercise of faith. He tells us, “You have not because you ask not.” Let’s accept Him at His word and ask—Ask with excitement, with expectancy, with humility, with faith, with joy and thanksgiving. Ask incessantly, letting no opportunity go by when someone or some situation comes to our hearts and minds. We need to fan the flame of our excitement for this privilege, receiving the responsibility with alacrity, and a sense of wonder that God would entrust and invite us into His work in this world!

Who comes to your mind right now? Bring them with joy and faith to the Father, allowing the Spirit to guide you as you lift up their needs. Do you sense the excitement of what God will do?

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries