Further Reading for “Meet the God of the Bible”

Further Reading for “Meet the God of the Bible”

We are a few weeks into the sermon series “Meet the God of the Bible”. Pastor Jay is taking us through a number of passages beginning in Genesis and finishing in Revelation. The impetus for this is found in what Jesus said in John 4:24, “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship him in the Spirit and in truth”. Our ability to worship God properly is directly tied to an accurate knowledge of who God is. Writer A. W. Tozer puts it in clear perspective when he admonishes us:

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us . . . For this reason, the gravest question before the Church is always God Himself, and the most portentous fact about any man is not what he at a given time may say or do, but what he in his deep heart conceives God to be like. We tend by a secret law of the soul to move toward our mental image of God . . . Always the most revealing thing about the Church is her idea of God . . . That our idea of God correspond as nearly as possible to the true being of God is of immense importance to us . . . I believe there is scarcely an error in doctrine or a failure in applying Christian ethics that cannot be traced finally to imperfect and ignoble thoughts about God.

The place to learn those perfect and noble thoughts about God is, of course, in the pages of the Bible. Start with the main sermon passage and related scriptures each week (remember, if you miss a Sunday or if you want to listen again, the sermons are archived on the church website). Then dig further into the Word. For example, the first sermon in the series was on God as creator (from Genesis 1 and 2). A search on the topic could lead you to Psalm 19 and 139, John 1, Romans 8, Colossians 1, 2 Peter 3, and Revelation 21. Throughout the process, take time to reflect on and pray about the text – asking the Holy Spirit for help with understanding and application. Finally, read some excellent books on the subject. The following are all in our church library – check them out!

• J. I. Packer, Knowing God
• A. W. Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy
• Chip Ingram, The Real God – how He longs for you to see Him
• John Piper, The Pleasures of God
• Bill Bright, God – Discover His Character

Larger books on Bible doctrine that have one or more chapters on God:
• Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology and Bible Doctrine
• Millard Ericsson, Christian Theology
• Bruce Milne, Know the Truth
• R. C. Sproul, Everyone’s a Theologian

by Tim Bruns, Pastor of Adult and Caring Ministries