A Prayer For Our Children - Part 5

A Prayer For Our Children – Part 5

Certainly we have not finished praying all there is to pray for our sweet babies. Let us not neglect to pray for ourselves. In the book Sacred Parenting, Gary Thomas writes that parenting is often more about our own transformation than about the training of the children. Let’s spend some time in worship and confession and pleading with God for ourselves.

Prayer For The Parent

Dear Father in Heaven, You are Holy. You are in Heaven, and You are above all authorities. You are exalted on high, and You have the Name that is above every name. You are pre-eminent. Lord, may your kingdom come on earth, in the hearts of men, in my own heart, and in our home. Lord, would you give me grace to be the parent of these children? As I continue to raise them and disciple them and extend the graces that I have also received from my heavenly Father, will you oh Lord use me as a drink offering? Will you give me the wisdom and discernment to teach our children, to call out the works of God, and to pass on our “stones of remembrance”? Will you remind me daily that this is my “service of worship” to you as I strive to continue steadfastly in prayer and distribute to the needs of my little saints. I thank you Lord for the honor and the grace to minister and love those you have entrusted to me. The power, the glory, and the entire world is Yours O Lord, and we praise You for your sovereignty over all.

In Jesus name Amen.

Scriptures used to inform this prayer:
Colossians 1; Philippians 2:5-11; Matthew 6: 9-13; Joshua 4; Psalm 78; Eph 6; Romans 12; Psalm 24.

by Heather Soukup, Children’s Discipleship Director