Dr. Michael Brown, an Old Testament scholar, and Dr. Bart Ehrman, a popular skeptic, debated a few years back. As I was watching the debate online, I was a bit surprised at Bart Ehrman’s honesty about why he really abandoned his Christian faith. Ehrman is a Moody, Wheaton, and Princeton grad, who discarded his faith many years ago. Bart is a brilliant New Testament scholar who’s also written a number of best selling books attacking the trustworthiness of the Bible.

At one point in the debate, Ehrman goes on a bit of a rant against God (which is a bit odd–to be angry at someone you don’t even believe in!). Taking us to the book of Amos, Ehrman quotes several passages to show us that God causes famine, disaster and death. As his voice and emotions rise, it becomes obvious that Bart is upset with God, for how He is running the universe. Ehrman went on to say, “The Bible does not provide a satisfactory answer to suffering.”

Then it hit me. Bart is angry. Really angry! So angry in fact, that he voted God off the island (so to speak) because God didn’t meet his expectations about how the universe should operate. In short, Bart fired God! How silly. How foolish. How dangerous.

By the way, the old fashioned word for this, is pride. It’s the oldest sin known in the book. It’s what caused Satan to rebel against God. And…it’s what’s causing Bart to publish books (he’s Oxford University Press’s best-selling author of all time), write articles, and debate many well-known evangelical scholars. Bart is on a bit of a jihad, until we all adopt his worldview. You and I may never like or understand God’s way, but that is a poor reason to reject Him and mock His name. The evidence all around us is clear, and screams out that God is good and worthy of all praise.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor