Many Christian parents send their kids off to a Christian college, trusting the school will help their kids build a Christian worldview. And many times this is the case, but alas, it is often not the case. I recall a conversation I had with a professor from a well-known conservative Christian college in the Midwest. As she shared her theological and political views, I was saddened but not surprised by her left-wing ideology. She was bold and defiant about her views. And she was way out of step with the historical roots of the college she was teaching at.

One of the most common surprises for Christian parents is that many Christian colleges promote and teach biological evolution in their science departments. Beyond that, many Bible departments in these same colleges lend their support. Dr. John Walton is a classic example. He is Wheaton College’s premier Old Testament scholar (and a gifted one), but is a theistic evolutionist (someone how believes in a personal God, who also accepts biological evolution as a fact). Walton does not believe in taking Genesis literally, as has been understood by the Church for 2,000 years. To achieve this, while remaining on an evangelical college faculty, he nuances sentences about understanding the archtypes in Genesis, or the difference between interpreting Genesis in terms of material origins vss functional origins. But this is verbal slight of hand. To put it simply; Walton does not believe in a first, historical, biological couple named Adam and Eve who are the genetic ancestors to all of us.

Walton professes to believe in an “Adam and Eve”, but when you read him carefully, he doesn’t mean what the Church has historically meant. Walton believes in a pool of hominids that God selected an “Adam and Eve” out of. In other words, there were many “Adams and Eves”. He writes, “In this scenario Adam and Eve are real individual persons living in a real past, but they are neither the first people nor the biological / genetic ancestors of all”. (John Walton; Four Views of The Historical Adam Pg 115.) This is academic double-speak. It also confuses a lot of parents who think he is saying one thing, when he is really saying something very different.

Similar views to Walton’s can be found at places like Calvin College, Hope College, and Judson University to name just a few.

To that end, a brand-new book by Crossway has just been released entitled Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical and Theological Critique. And it’s a whopper—coming in at 900 pages! Numerous academic scholars in the fields of science, philosophy, and theology offer a sturdy critique of “theistic evolution.” They expose the folly of everything from the practice of peer¬ reviewed articles to the paucity of transitional forms in the fossil record to the many ways the theory of evolution contradicts the teachings of the Bible. This is a needed book. It is written for pastors, educators, and Christian leaders who are concerned about the continued abandonment of the biblical teaching of special creation. It’s worth the price!

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor