“THE VANISHING AMERICAN ADULT” Get Senator Ben Sasse’s New Book – ASAP!

“THE VANISHING AMERICAN ADULT” Get Senator Ben Sasse’s New Book – ASAP!

Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska has written an important book…a VERY important book: The Vanishing American Adult. His argument is simple: numerous forces have altered our cultural landscape so that we no longer educate our young. The phase of adolescence, which had been a transitional phase, is now a permanent destination. And, increasingly, many do not escape. Many high school grads have not worked a job at all. The growing norm is for college grads to go back and live with their parents. Marriage and family is put off until one’s thirties, if ever.

What happened? Sasse has done his homework. He methodically identifies the primary issues. He points out that numerous trends such as public schools, medicated kids, extra-curricular activities, travel sports, video games, and teens with smart phones are all contributing to the vanishing American adult. The problem is that these things seem…well, so normal. But are they? More importantly, are these things wise, helpful and producing well-balanced adults? Senator Ben Sasse offers an emphatic No!

Sasse, who holds a PhD in American History from Yale, argues that much of what we are doing with our kids in western culture is downright destructive. He says we are out of step with history and the wisdom of the past. He presents his material in a level-headed, non preachy way. This is a good book. A very good book! A desperately needed book in American, middle class culture.

Sasse focuses on five important things to help raise balanced kids: 1) Get them involved with people of all ages. 2) Help them embrace work pain. 3) Guide them to consume less and give more. 4) Travel with them and really learn about life. 5) Help your kids become passionate readers and critical thinkers.

Do yourself a massive favor and read this book. The Vanishing American Adult offers a grand opportunity to stop, slow down, and think.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor