This may sting a little; just enough I trust. I’ve heard a common complaint from the mouths of middle class parents, “My kids are in so many sports. We just run from event to event – it’s exhausting.” I always have the same thought every time I hear these words, “Why are you letting your kids run you like that!?” When asked about their frantic schedules, some parents mildly protest, “Well, my kids want to be in a lot of sports.” To which I respond, “Who’s the parent here?!” Seriously. This is idolatry of our kid’s sports, pure and simple.

Too many American middle-class families have become consumed by their kid’s sporting activities, so much so that they don’t realize the damage it’s doing to their families. It all feels…so normal. But it’s not…especially if you look back at our history as a nation. The frantic pace of kids sporting events today is new in world history. It’s destructive, dangerous and foolish. Many of the same parents who run from event to event, are barely investing anything spiritually into their kids. Where are the family dinners? Where is the family time in Scripture? Where is the time asking and learning catechism questions together? Where is the time praying out loud with our kids and evangelizing them? Answer: “We don’t have time to disciple our kids, because we need to get our kids to their next soccer game.”

I heard an older dad say recently, “I did all the coaching and sporting events as my kids were growing up, and now I ask myself ‘why?’” He went on to say, “I look back now and have regrets. I would say to younger families, look ahead 20 years, and ask, ‘What am I trying to produce here?’”

It’s far too easy to get swept along by the crowd…Even in the church! We run at ever increasing speed, with very little evangelism or discipleship taking place with our kids. And the results are showing. SO…are you being a courageous parent, and helping your kids say “no” to too many events? Are you investing time in them spiritually? Are you teaching them the Gospel, and basic doctrine thru a catechism? Are you spending time praying with them? It’s never too late to repent and start anew. Now is the time, before you look back with a serious dose of regret. Hope that didn’t sting too much…well, maybe I do.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor