A giant has died. R.C. Sproul went to be with the Lord on Thursday, December 14. Sproul was a theological giant in a dry and weary land. More than sixty books to his name. What a man. What a writer. What a thinker. What a preacher! He was a hero and mentor to so many. Through decades of faithful ministry, he literally led a renewal of Reformed theology in Western culture. His books, blogs, sermons and conferences changed the course of American evangelicalism. While we rejoice for him to be with his Lord, down here it feels…well, a little empty without him.

R.C. taught us that God is bigger than we ever imagined, our sin deeper than we ever feared, and that the grace of God, in Jesus Christ, was more overwhelming than we could ever hope for. Sproul was a theologian of God’s sovereign grace. He loved God, golf and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Sproul was one of those rare creatures: a man with a European doctorate, yet with an ability to connect with the average person. A rare breed indeed. Sproul was quite literally a theological genius – but a humble genius. I first heard him speak when I was a teenager. I then heard him speak at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School when I was in seminary there. Becky and I made numerous pilgrimages to Orlando to hear him at one of the many Ligonier Conferences. He literally changed how I viewed Scripture, how I thought about God, how I did theology, how I reasoned, and how I preached. I have dozens of his sermons on my phone and I still listen to him all the time. He marked me for life, as he did so many. The tributes will be legion.

Sproul’s most classic book is still The Holiness of God. If you’ve read it, you know how powerful it is. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor, and get is ASAP. Run don’t walk. I also highly recommend reading Chosen by God, Knowing Scripture, and What is Reformed Theology. Praise God for giants who’ve walked among us.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor