Will & Grace is Back...NBC Pushes the LGBTQ+ Envelope Again

Will & Grace is Back…NBC Pushes the LGBTQ+ Envelope Again

Will & Grace is a one of the most successful American sitcoms ever. The show was broadcast on NBC from September 1998 to May 2006. Set in New York City, the show focuses on the relationship between best friends Will Truman (Eric McCormack), a gay lawyer, and Grace Adler (Debra Messing), a straight interior designer.

During its original run, Will & Grace was one of the most successful television series with openly gay characters. The show was the highest-rated sitcom among adults 18–49, from 2001 and 2005. The show was credited with improving public opinion of the LGBT community. Former U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden, commented that the show “…probably did more to educate the American public [on LGBT issues] than almost anything anybody has ever done so far”.

Fast forward. Will & Grace has been retooled and relaunched for a new generation. Same characters – new episodes for a new generation of millennials. When it originally ran, it was viewed as pushing the sexual envelope. The New York Times recently said, “Will & Grace pushed well past the broadcast network comfort zone when it arrived with a finger snap in 1998”. In the 1990’s, Will & Grace writers originally waited until the second season to risk including a same-sex kiss. If the new series holds up to the previews, we should expect to see the LGBTQ+ envelope pushed even further.

How should Christians respond to all of this? We must go back to God’s Word. We have no other choice. In Scripture, we are reminded that while God clearly loves people, He strictly forbids homosexual behavior. Even many theological liberals agree that the Bible forbids homosexual activity; they just dismiss its teachings as outdated. The reason for the Bible’s stance goes back to God’s design for marriage – one man and one woman for life in a sacred covenant. This is God’s only plan for marriage. We also need to be in prayer for our churches and our culture. Bottom line: Christians need to be aware that NBC is intentionally pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda and has no intention of slowing down. Maybe it’s time to turn off our TV’s, and read a good book instead!

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor