Abraham is Legendary

Abraham is Legendary

I decided to read through the bible this year, and so far, I’ve been captivated by Abraham. Abraham is legendary. He is mentioned in Genesis, Psalms, Luke, John, Romans,Galatians, and Hebrews (these are just a few of the places). God himself is often referred to as the “God of Abraham.”

Abraham was a nomad, a camping man, and he was rich! He made mistakes, but he is in the Faith Hall of Fame because he believed God. He didn’t just believe God would do normal God-things. Abraham believed God for big impossible things.

What is the impossible thing you are facing right now?
Is it a relationship that is strained, or essentially dead?
Is it a financial situation?
Is it an unjust work situation?
Does someone have a complicated personality?
Is it a battle against a besetting sin?
Is it potty training?
Dealing with temper tantrums?
Is it an ongoing health issue?

Let’s look at Genesis 15. Abraham trusted God to bless him, and God did bless, but God withheld the ultimate blessing of a child for over a decade in order to fully develop Abraham and Sarah’s faith and to allow the wickedness of the surrounding nations to continue to increase. God’s timing wasn’t only about Abraham.

In Romans 4 Paul tells us that Abraham did not work to earn God’s favor but only believed. Paul reminds us that wages are given, not as a gift, but as an obligation. God promises a reward. So we ask, what is a reward? Who gets a reward, and why? What value is assigned to a reward? A reward is a gift, something given because of God’s love for us. God says “I am your very great reward.”

Will we follow God, even if there is no tangible reward, other than His presence?

The famous God-followers of the old testament persevered in spite of disappointments, storms, suffering, and noise. Jacob – Moses – Elijah- Job – Naomi – Hannah – and many others all pressed in closer to God during hard times. They knew deep down that God was good, and that meant He was good for his promises. God’s goodness automatically means integrity and faithfulness to his promises. God takes Abraham outside and promises an abundantly blessed future. Your greatness Abraham, will not be NOW, but in the future with your descendants. The impact of your life will be felt for the next 400+ years.

Abraham’s life is complex and challenging. I hope you will join me on Thursdays, starting June 22, 2017 in Room 123-125 for our summer study on Abraham. We are going to examine six links that built into Abraham’s spiritual life.

Remember that impossible thing that you wrote down?
God has something better planned. He wants to take that impossible thing and do something miraculous with it. Take a moment to commit that to God in prayer.

by Heather Soukup, Director of Women’s Ministries