Come visit the church library again, for the first time!

Come visit the church library again, for the first time!

As a kid, I loved going to the local library. It was a great place to explore and learn through reading. Since those younger years, I have had a growing appetite for reading. It includes books (“hard” copies, audio, and electronic), newspapers, magazines, and journals. Favorite topics include history, biography, Bible study, doctrine, leadership, marriage & parenting, ministry, and some pure escapist fiction for the fun of it!

Now let me ask you a question, do you know where our church library is located? It’s right between the main office and the elevator – you can’t miss it . . . or have you walked right by without noticing? That prime space where the library sits is no accident. When construction of this church building was being planned, the members decided that their new library would be in a place that was visible and readily accessible. The library has served our church well for many years. But like many other things, there is a time to update and refurbish. Last fall, we began a library refresh project. The goal is to enhance the library so it will be an effective and up to date resource to help us Follow, Connect, and Make. Our team includes Fred and Ginny Niemi, Jon and Emily Peterson, Wally Staiger, and myself. We have finished “round one” – taking out items no longer needed and adding new materials. “Round two” begins this summer. Additional rounds will continue later this year and into 2018.
Below is a sample of recent additions. I hope it whets your appetite for some good reading. I invite you to come visit the church library again . . . for the first time!

• Sets covering the whole Bible: NIV Application Commentary, Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Bible Exposition Commentary by Warren Wiersbe, and the Tyndale Old & New Testament series
• Commentaries on Genesis recommended by Pastor Jay – by James Boice, Kenneth Mathews, and in the Moody Bible Commentary
• Individual commentaries: David Platt on Matthew, Robert Chisholm on 1&2 Samuel, and Douglas Moo on Romans

Theology / Doctrine
• Wayne Grudem – Systematic Theology and his more concise Christian Beliefs
• Thomas Schriener – The King in His Beauty (a biblical theology of the Old and New Testaments)
• Bruce Milne – Know the Truth
• Erwin Lutzer – Heaven and the Afterlife

• Walt Brown – In The Beginning (compelling evidences for creation and the flood)
• Ken Ham – The Answer Book (volumes 1-4)

• D. A. Carson – Collected Writings on Scripture
• Erwin Lutzer – Seven Reasons You Can Trust the Bible
• As Pastor Jay recommends books in his new series “Taking God at His Word”, those volumes will be added

• Dave and Neta Jackson – Hero Tales (volumes 1-3) and Heroes in Black History
What’s in the Bible DVD series (a great and creative way to take your family through the Bible)
Bible Man DVD’s

• Irene Hannon – Against All Odds and In Harm’s Way
• Dale Cramer – Sutter’s Cross and Levi’s Will

• Walter Chantry – Call the Sabbath a Delight
• Matthew Sleeth – 24/6
• Bruce Ray – Celebrating the Sabbath

Human Trafficking
• Shayne Moore – Refuse To Do Nothing
• Mary Frances Bowley – The White Umbrella
• Barbara Amaya – Nobody’s Girl

by Tim Bruns, Pastor of Adult and Children’s Ministries