Day 14: The Order

Day 14: The Order

Celebrate the Passover to the Lord your God, as it was written in this Book of the Covenant. 2 Kings 23:21

Today’s version of the Passover observance is called the Seder. This word means Order. There is a predictable flow to the way this meal unfolds. The Seder includes items that go beyond what is listed in the Exodus 12 version of the ritual, and we will look at some of these, as well.

God is a God of order. There is nothing haphazard about him or his ways. He was taking a people (his people, who had no longer had a clue who he was or what to do to please him), and laying out for them very clearly what his ways were. Not only did this order provide a safety net for them as they navigated getting to know this holy, sovereign God, it was laying out hints about the wondrous redemption and Redeemer to come. Those of us looking back can see him and truths about him in all of the elements God instituted in the Passover.

The Order provided a consistent teaching tool for the generations to come. Those of us who have had toddlers in our homes know how much they love repetition. Rather than get bored with the same book over and over, they seem to insist on it—and let you know if you miss one word! The predictability of the Seder is part of why it has been such a powerful, unfailing, and comforting vessel of truth over the centuries.

• Isn’t it comforting that God is a God of order and consistency? How has this steadfastness been manifest in his ways with you?
• This characteristic of God is part of his attributes of immutability and faithfulness. How is the fruit of the Spirit, faithfulness, demonstrated in your own life? Do you need to grow there?

Lord, your consistency and faithfulness is so comforting to me. Knowing I can count on you gives me solace and grows my faith. Thank you, too, for being a God who gives me order and safe boundaries within your love.

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries