Update on Adult Electives

Update on Adult Electives

One of the newer ministries of our church is Adult Electives. These classes are designed to help you passionately follow Jesus through increasing your Bible knowledge, promoting spiritual growth, training you to apply biblical wisdom to every area of your life, and equipping you to make disciples. Let me share three words to provide an update.

First, a word of thanks!

We are in our 4th month and have received positive feedback from people who have attended the classes. Our thanks go to the 15 men and women who have taught or are scheduled to teach. God is using them to train and equip His people. As the ministry moves forward and expands, we will be recruiting other gifted people.

Second, a word of explanation.

While there will be a variety of classes offered, a key component of Adult Electives are the core classes. These particular classes are vital in building a strong spiritual foundation for every follower of Jesus Christ! Core classes will be offered twice a year – on a Sunday morning and a weeknight or Saturday morning: Old Testament Survey (in two parts), New Testament Survey (in two parts), Bible Doctrine
(in three parts), How to Study the Bible, Apologetics, and Developing A Christian Worldview. As an example: if in year one, apologetics is offered at 9:00 am on a Sunday and a Wednesday night, then in year two, it will be offered at 10:45 am on a Sunday and a Saturday morning. To date, classes have only been on Sunday mornings. By spring, we will expand those offerings to weeknights and Saturday mornings.

Third, a word of challenge. 

Let me be bold and blunt – I would love to see you take one or two elective classes this year! Look at Adult Electives as foundational (adding spiritual strength and depth), complementary (to the worship service and other ministries you are involved in), and with a long-term view (ongoing Biblical training year after year).

Go to www.efccl.org/electives or pick up a brochure from the Information Center. There, you will find more information, course listings and descriptions, a schedule of upcoming classes, and details on how to register. If you have further questions, please contact Christian Blumenfeld (224.531.1692 or bluminchrist@hotmail.com) or myself (815.459.1095 or tbruns@efccl.org).

by Tim Bruns, Pastor of Children’s Ministries and Adult Ministries