Dr. Al Mohler is president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is considered a leader among American evangelicals by Time and Christianity Today magazines. His expertise is cultural analysis and commentary. Dr. Mohler can be heard on The Briefing – a daily podcast which analyzes news and events from a Christian worldview. He also writes a popular commentary on moral, cultural, and theological issues at www.albertmohler.com

Mohler recently published a new book entitled, We Cannot Be Silent: Speaking Truth to a Culture Redefining Sex, Marriage, and the Very Meaning of Right and Wrong In a word, it is fantastic. It is a much needed prophetic word about the massive shift that is underway in our culture regarding marriage, sex and the family. It is a must read. Mohler is one of our best cultural prophets.

Chapter one is a discussion of how the sexual revolution has altered our culture. Chapter two is a study of how the revolution has negatively affected marriage and family; how they have been reinterpreted. In chapters three and four, Mohler discusses homosexuality and transgender issues. His insights are very good. Chapter five is a study of the changing, and ultimately the end of marriage. Other chapters include a summary of Scripture’s teaching on sexuality, religious freedom, sexuality and addressing major questions that arise from the topic of the sexual revolution. The conclusion of the book is a response to the recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.

One of Mohler’s most poignant reminders is that it was heterosexuals who actually laid the groundwork for the homosexual revolution. Mohler reminds us that cultural shifts like abortion on demand, no-fault divorce, the widespread use of birth-control and cohabitation, helped undermine a Biblical understanding of marriage and sexuality as God intended. This was a sobering section of the book. But I think he is spot on. The reality of history is that we often do not see the unintended consequences of actions because we are so culturally near-sighted. But consequences come nonetheless – and they can shake a culture to the core. Mohler also offers a Biblical vision for what God actually intended when it comes to marriage & sexuality.

I’d encourage you to pick up this new book. It is biblically sound, theologically sturdy and culturally informative. It will challenge you – equip you – humble you. Mohler has clearly done his homework (or…at least his army of interns has!) It is definitely worth the read!

by Pastor Jay, Senior Pastor