The Sea of Galilee: Where Jesus Lived

The Sea of Galilee: Where Jesus Lived

The Sea of Galilee is 13 miles long and 7½ miles wide, located on the Via Maris, an international highway in ancient times. The lake ranges in depth from 130 to 157 feet. It is the lowest freshwater lake in the world—approximately 600 feet below sea level. The Sea of Galilee is just under 41,000 acres in size (whereas Lake Michigan is 14.3 million acres!).

2015_0424 - Galilee 2Besides all these facts, this body of water is where Jesus spent most of his life. Although born in Nazareth, He moved to Capernaum and made it his hometown. He spent two-thirds of His ministry around this lake and did more miracles here than anywhere else. This is where He walked on water, calmed the storm, healed a demonized man, and fed the 5,000. Jesus chose His disciples from the villages around this lake. This was His home base of operations.

On our recent trip to Israel, in March, we spent time on this unique body of water. We were able to charter a boat out onto the lake and then stop right in the middle and turn off the motor. I taught about Jesus’ miracles around the Sea of Galilee, we sang some worship songs, and then we danced to some festive Jewish music—all as the sun was going down. It was magical. Enjoy some photos!

2015_0424 - Galilee 3 2015_0424 - Galilee 1 2015_0424 - Galilee 5

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor