Day 31: Love That Never Quits | 40 Days of Focus

Day 31: Love That Never Quits | 40 Days of Focus

People have different reactions to suffering. Sometimes, they lash out. Other people draw within themselves. Some folks whine, moan, or cry out. It is a rare person who, when they are suffering, is more concerned about others, as Jesus was. His was a love that never quit.

As the drama unfolded, we see how Jesus repeatedly expressed concern for His disciples. In the Garden, as distressed as He was at what was coming, He warned them to watch and pray. At the arrest, He ensured they were released. His care extended to His enemies, as He healed the ear of one who came to arrest Him. Despite His ordeal at the Sanhedrin, He paused to seek out the gaze of Peter—not to rebuke, but to start the process of repentance and restoration. As He stumbled under the weight of the cross, He told the mourners to be more concerned for their own well-being than His. At the cross, He forgave those who killed Him, attended to the needs of His mother, and ushered the thief into His kingdom. Jesus possessed a love that never quit, even under the most extreme conditions. He was always looking out and looking up, never absorbed in His own suffering.

While this revealed the love Jesus has for man, His suffering also vividly demonstrated His love for the Father. Jesus repeatedly connected love and action. He said those who love Him do His will (John 15:10), and likewise, He said that His love for the Father is displayed the same way (John 14:31).


  • How do you react when you are suffering? Are you able to move beyond your own pain to the concerns of others?
  • How does Jesus’ example affect the way you suffer (or desire to in the future)? In what ways does it inspire your worship?


Lord, You have a love that never quits, so steadfast and faithful! Help us to have that kind of love—one that endures, even under pressure. Reveal to us more the love You showed Your Father, as well. Teach us how Your love for Him and total trust in Him helped You to persevere in obedience, no matter what You suffered. Enable us to love in that way, too—a love that never quits!

by Sheri Cook, Director of Special Ministries