Sermon Series: The Gospel of Mark

Sermon Series: The Gospel of Mark

We are one month in to a sermon series in the Gospel of Mark that will take us through Easter. Mark is the shortest of the four Gospels, and probably the first one written. Mark was written for Gentile readers, especially Romans. Here are some fast facts about Mark:

  • Date written: Mid-50s to mid-60s
  • One of the Synoptic Gospels; probably the first Gospel written
  • Written in what language? Koine Greek
  • Written where? Rome
  • Destination: Gentiles in Rome
  • Purpose: To call sinners to repent and believe the gospel of Jesus

Mark presents Jesus as the ultimate servant. Mark emphasizes what Jesus did more than what He said. The word “immediately” is used more than 40 times to show Christ as a servant of action.

  • Chapters 1–8 center on Christ’s ministry to the multitudes.
  • Chapters 9–10 deal with His ministry primarily to the disciples.
  • Chapters 11–16 focus on Jesus’ rejection by the Jewish rulers and His sacrifice of His life for the multitudes.

Interesting fact: Mark devotes almost as many chapters to the last week of Christ’s life (six chapters) as he does to the prior three years of ministry (eight chapters).

Join us on Sunday mornings as we dive deeply into this unique Gospel. Archives of the messages in this series can be found on our website ( and on our mobile app (, along with sermon notes and in-depth study questions. If you are not in a Community Group, consider joining one ( in order to come alongside others who are studying the sermon-based questions.

by Jay Childs, Senior Pastor